Ohad's Research - S-REPLS 5

The 5th Southern-Region English Programming Language Seminar (S-REPLS)

S-REPLS is a regular informal meeting for those with a professional interest in programming languages in the South of England region. The past four meetings consisted of 50-90 participants from academia and industry with invited and contributed talks ranging from abstract areas in semantics and type system theory to nuts-and-bolts implementations of mainstream and avant-garde compilers and programming languages.

We will hold the next meeting at the University of Oxford Department of Computer Science.

The meeting will take place between 11.00-17.00 on Thursday, 12th January 2017, i.e., the Thursday before POPL.

Schedule (Abstracts)

• Arrival
• Welcome
Invited talk: Resource aware ML / Jan Hoffmann, Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science, Pittsburgh, USA.
• Lunch (independently, see ‘local information’ below)
Reasoning about expected run-times of probabilistic programs / Benjamin Kaminski, University College London and RWTH Aachen University
Finding fixed points faster / Michael Arntzenius, University of Birmingham
Hardware synthesis of weakly consistent C concurrency / John Wickerson, Imperial College London
• Coffee
Towards an Atomic Abstract Machine / David Sherratt, University of Bath
Unifying structural and nominal syntax in the language of diagrams / Dan Ghica, University of Birmingham
• Coffee
Improving Agda’s equational reasoning with reflection / Bradley Hardy, University of Cambridge
Can ML be stopped? / Neel Krishnaswami, University of Cambridge
• Pub: The Red Lion (map)
• Dinner: Turtle Bay (map)


The meeting is free of charge, but for logistical purposes please indicate on this Doodle poll if you plan to attend.


Local information

For directions to the University of Oxford Department of Computer Science, see the Department’s directions page).

Lunch and dinner will not be provided.

For lunch, there are many restaurants and/or take-away options in the vicinity of the Department. Alternatively, if you are arriving from the train station or bus station, you can grab a sandwhich on your way to the department.

  • Pub: After the talks, we will continue more informal conversations at the Red Lion, which is a short walk from the Department towards the central bus and train station which has some light dinner option.

  • Dinner: After the pub, we will go to the Turtle Bay, around the corner from the pub.

    If you are pressed for time for dinner, or want to get your food earlier, or just want to make the chef less stressed, please preorder by emailing your food order to Ohad Kammar <ohad . kammar (at) cs ox ac uk> by Wednesday evening.

Mailing list

All S-REPLS related communications are made via the mailing list:


This mailing list has very low traffic. If you have professional interests in programming language in the region, we encourage you to sign up.


Please let us know of potential sponsorship opportunities at:

Ohad Kammar <ohad . kammar (at) cs ox ac uk>

Past events have had academic, industrial, and government sponsorship for invited speaker costs, and/or catering costs (lunch, dinner, or refreshments during the break).

Organising future meetings

If you would like to organise future meetings at your university or company, please get in touch with the steering committee:

We would be grateful if you could please circulate this event in your department/company.

We hope to see you there,

  • Jeremy Gibbons,
  • Sam Staton,
  • and Ohad Kammar.